On Campus Sports Clinic:

MONDAY MAY 14th in the Heritage Gym (2:45-4:00pm) Incoming Freshman are welcome to come! These Physicals will be valid through the 2018-19 school year. See you there!!

Sports Jackets

CIF Patches: If you would like to purchase CIF Patches for your lettemans jackets you can do so online or callJL Custom Embroidery at 951-867-3200JL Custom Embroidery website

[http://www.jlcustomjackets.com/varsity-jackets/](http://www.jlcustomjackets.com/varsity-jackets/" rel="noopener)

[http://www.neffjacketshop.com/jacketshop.asp?password=](http://www.neffjacketshop.com/jacketshop.asp?password=039983" rel="noopener)

If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Office.

Scott Moore: Athletic Director [scott.moore@puhsd.org](mailto:scott.moore@puhsd.org)


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