ASB is a both a leadership class and an elected group of students who plan and facilitate student activities such as Lunch Time Activities, Pep Rallies, and Dances. Student Senate attends Mrs. Garcia’s 6th period class in K126. ASB Elected Officers attend Mrs. Garcia’s 5th period Student Government class in K126. ASB business meetings are held every Wednesday during the 20 minutes between both lunches. All clubs and sports, and all student activities and expenditures, must be approved by ASB, HHS Administration, and the PUHSD Administration Center. All club applications, event forms, and fundraising paperwork is located in the ASB Accounting Clerk’s office, please see Ms. Araceli Zonda for more information.

Asb Student Leadership

ASB President…………. Andrea Gonzalez
ASB Vice President….. Aryana Campos
ASB Secretary………… Taylor Payne ASB Treasurer…………. Brianna Esquer ASB Director of Technology and Social Media…………Madeline Segal

Commisioner of Academics- Jesse Nunez Commissioner of Activities- Kalyn Blakley and Jesse Fernandez
Commissioner of Athletics- Jadyn McRitchie and Adrian Ramos Commissioner of Clubs and Communication- Shayne Sanders
Commissioner of Sound- Damor Hil Commissioner of Merchandising - Perla Ceja Sandoval Commissioner of Publicity - Katlyn Valcourt Commissioner of Spirit - Allison Ahlswede ASB Office Manager - Jacquelyn Foland

Senior Class Advisor - Mrs. Wieding Senior J101 Class Officers- Mary Baragan, Abigail Moyado, Liseth Garcia, Angelica Valdivia, Marlyn Bryson, Stephine Dunn, Gigi Wick

Junior Class Advisor - Mrs. Bates Junior W210 Class Officers - Priya Armstrong, Imani Bowman, Ashley LaRusso, Liz Markovska, Irais Rodriguez, Aleya Starnes

Sophomore Class Advisor - Ms. Avne W110 Sophomore Class Officers - Kekoa Norris, Jaya Marie Tracy, Lorena Cortez, Emily Vugteveen, Arianna Henry, Aryanna Hifo

Freshman Class Advisor- Mr. Poseley W112 Freshman Class Officers - Mikayla Jacobs, Ann Okafor, Kaiden Olmos, Bryce Jones, Alyssa Sterling, Arlenne Yanez

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